Agile workshop Liberating Structures

March 10, we’ve organised a new workshop. The topic: Liberating Structures.

Emiel and me kicked off using 1,2,4,all and TRIZ how to facilitate conversations using Liberating Structures. Using TRIZ, we’ve asked each other :


As outcome we made a list with all our destructive ideas. Next we inspired everyone to actually think about ‘real life’, what are we actually doing based on the the destructive ideas. Using 1,2,4,all, a new list popped up. Based on this list we tried to identify actions to prevent us from doing any destructive actions again.

So our main take aways:

  • Always have an agenda
  • Make use of time-boxing
  • Listen to others
    • Really(!) listen
    • Weigh their answers carefully
    • Ask often: Why is that important for you?
    • Summarise and ask questions

Later in the  week Arend reminded us:

who already started to listen better….

So it is important to pair up and check-in once and a while.

Next step

So now it is upon the team. Dive in to the book, cards, internet, the LS APP and try to apply a (or more) Liberating Structures on eachother. Two groups started to craft their own LS-Strings.

GroupA choose the EcoCycle Planning to learn what they need to do in order to improve their workshops. Their topic:

How do we become the lead in the market facilitation Agile Workshops.

See the result here:

A lot of take aways to update their business plans. 

GroupB focussed on a real scrum master opportunity, how can I facilitate a DoD over multiple teams. Using Purpose to Practice we crafted ideas how to facilitate a multi-team event to design a common Definition-of-Done as used in Scrum teams.

Actually, the Tuesday following the event, this practice had been exectued for real. Teams were practicing the Liberating Structures to find a DoD for all teams.










The remaining pictures will follow

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