An AgilePM-foundation training

Hosted by GlobalProjectPerformance, SIA-Partners emerged in an ‘in company’ AgilePM-foundation training.

Based on the Liberating Structures, as an experiment, the format of the facilitation had been changed. For each topic the participants formed a group of two, three or four. I asked the groups to do an in dept research, using the book and binder about elements of the specified topic.

For instance, AgilePM has eight principles, each group of three prepared two principles. When the research had been done, all the groups presented their outcomes to eachother. While having a discussion together, the details of the topics became crisp & clear. Wrapping up a chapter, the standard slides were used as back-up, in case we’ve missed some details.

It is amazing to see how much knowledge is hidden in the group. While having strong conversations the group is able to actually train themselves.

What is next?

The second day will be focusing on how to really do an agile planning, based on MoSCow-prioritization and followed by an in dept exam preparation so all participants will pass the exam.

One remark: A participant said: “this is one of the best trainings I’ve ever experienced.” How cool is that 🙂

Learnings for me: it is always scray to change the format of a training, but with a good preparation the results will be awesome.

Never change a winning team or Be agile don’t change 🙂

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