Talk @Tweakers Developers Summit

So what will you do as the very last speaker in the ‘something different track’ on the Tweakers Developers Summit? The energy is low, dinner is almost served, beer is served cold, the crowd is tired….

Liberaring Structures saved the day.

Crafting some powerful questions and let’s go. No powerpoint attached. Around forty attendees joined the masterclass ‘Scaling agile using Feature teams’. From my point of view everyone was having a wonderful experience.

Based on the powerful questions (see below) the crowd cooperated in pairs and later in teams of four what their best experiences are. After each round the teams presented their topics to the whole group and placed their placeholders on sheets to evaluate later.

At the end the masterclass each individual could plot his or her specific route to start exploring ‘Scaling agile using Feature teams’. What might work for one, might not work for someone else. So there is no right or wrong approach.

A big applause for the crowd. You were awesome and we’ve made a lot of noise. Twice we were being asked to lower the volume because in other rooms we were heared too 🙂

The powerful questions:

  • What are feature teams?
  • Worst ever experience with feature teams?
  • Awesome experience with feature teams?
  • What to expect from teams?
  • What to expect from management?
  • What will you do now(!) based on the ideas on the wall?
  • Share your actions with someone and check-in on eachother on March 14

Many thanks to:

  • Sebas for helping me out with the execution
  • Alexander for the moderation
  • Tweakers for having me as a speaker

Hopefully ’till next year – ciao, ciao

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