Applying as CTC

While in between jobs, I am polishing my coaching skills. Had a call with an agile coach today, to apply as CTC, Certified Team Coach.

After a one hour session I need to focus on:

Coach the PERSON, not the Problem

Apart from that I need to get more experience in real live coaching. The first idea that came to my mind:

Hé, already preparing some workshops. Why not setting up a coaching triangle? A coach, a coachee and an observer, so that we can learn together…. to be continued.

Other tips:

  • Set a goal, a valuable outcome, for the session
  • Timebox the session
  • Tap back to the goal when running in circles
  • Evaluate the session, what will the coachee do?

Reading list:

  • Coaching for Performance
  • The coaching habit
  • Challenging coaching

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