Can you help us please, while looking from outside in, to make our scrum team excel again?


  • Plan interviews.
  • Generate insights.
  • Observe ceremonies.
  • Plan coaching sessions.
  • Plan workshops.
  • Facilitate some of the scrum meetings.

In Progress

  • Coaching sessions with scrum master.
  • Preparing workshop `guestimating’.

Next Steps

  • Share outcome interviews with team.
  • Collaborate with team in order to group the outcome.
  • Define actionable items based on the grouped items.
  • Host workshop Guestimating.
  • Define metrics in order to measure trends.
  • Host a retrospective in order to feel the vibe while being part of a gamified retrospective.

Tracking Progress

  • Track progress on the action items.
  • Track progress on metrics.
  • Track progress on the outcomes of the retrospective.
  • Track progress on feedback sprintplanning.


  • Seven interviews.
  • Based on the learnings form the interviews a top three actions have been selected:
    • Create a shared vision on how to test the codebase.
    • Share the higher purpose – what are we doing this for?
  • Improved refinements:
    • Add story pointd as soon as you can estimate.
    • If you can’t refine it, take if off-line and do research to generate better insights.