Feedbackloop workshops

Emiel & me invited six Agilists, we have done business with during the previous years, to our agile diner. A frontender, a delivery manager, an agile coach & scrum masters.

Goal is to validate, while enjoying our dinner, their needs for our new product Craftmanship Workshops. Secondary we hoped (and had) a lot of sharing expertice together. A great evening.

Using ‘silent writing’ every one jotted their needs on a sticky and presented this to the others. When needed the resulst were grouped.

After a round of dot-voting our brand new backlog appeared for the coming weeks:

  1. Facilitating Structural Changes – Liberating Structures – OBEYA
  2. Coaching
  3. Old school versus new school frameworks (Prince2 – Agile)

We all were really amazed how big the need is for scrum professionals to have hands on workshops. With those newly acquired skills in the toolbox, professionals are able to make a difference in their team and organisation.


To end this succesfull evening we’ve split the group in two. Based on the GROW-acronym, taken from Coaching for Performance, we’ve practiced a short coaching session.

G(OAL) – What do you want?

R(EALITY) – Where are you now?

O(PTIONS) – What could you do?

W(ILL) – What will you do?

So, what’s next?

We’ll plan a next gathering with the same Agilists and perhaps with others too. So please spread the word. In the mean time we’ll try to invite a guest speaker and theother 80% of the time actual hands on learning.

While reading this and got interested please drop a line via the Contact form to request more information.