BAS Trucks

From ZERO- to 8 HERO teams


  • Plan interviews with teams, business, management
  • Generate insights as outcome of the interviews
  • Plan 1:1 sessions with scrum teams
  • Have conversations & share insights on OKRs and team KPIs
  • Observe any ceremonies, scrum and non-scrum
  • Plan agile workshops
  • Plan coaching sessions
  • Plan the usage of the team health check

In Progress

  • Twenty two interviews done sofar
  • Three coaching sessions
  • Implement OKRs and KPIs
    • Define OKRs and KPIs
    • How to make them measurable, let the teams decide
  • As outcome of the interviews generating insights in order to define improvement actions
  • Third workshop on GUESTIMATING
  • Plan workshops on getting a Definition of Done
  • Refine the improvement backlog

Next steps

  • Finish the interviews
  • Plan workshops based on the outcome of the interviews & observations
  • Check-in on the OKRs
  • Collaborate with the first teams to set the KPIs
  • Start making use of a Team Health Checker
  • While working on the actions find ways to track & measure the progress
  • Plan additional coaching sessions
  • Plan a kickoff the share the ideas of OKRs, KPIs and the team health check
  • Plan a survey

Tracking Progress

  • Check-in, in between coaching sessions


  • 2021 – Q3 –
    • Two workshops on Guestimating
  • 2021 – Q4 –