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  • Agile workshop Liberating Structures

    March 10, we’ve organised a new workshop. The topic: Liberating Structures. Emiel and me kicked off using 1,2,4,all and TRIZ how to facilitate conversations using Liberating Structures. Using TRIZ, we’ve asked each other : HOW CAN YOU AS <ROLE> FAIL AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE As outcome we made a list with all our destructive ideas.…

  • Upcoming events

    Upcoming events where I will be facilitating

  • Our next workshop will be March 10th

    Topic: facilitating structural changes Location Purmerend. Martijn, hopefully accompanied by Jasper, will facilitate a great part of this workshop. Their focus: Liberating Structures. Emiel and me will host the second part. The contents needs to be decided. Read: we need to prepare it. Keep you posted. When interested, please drop me a line, currently we have…

  • Workshop – facilitating structural changes

    Next workshop needs a date

  • Craftmanship workshop

    This workshop had as goal to validate needs for our new product Craftmanship Workshops.

  • Craftmanship Workshops

    January 9th Emiel and me will explore the needs and the contents of a new series craftmanship workshops.