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  • How do we guestimate

    What is part of an estimate? Facilitated this,, workshop to remote teams, working for BAS. These teams has some inspiring results. Assumptions! Assumptions! Assumptions! Before crossing the train tracks one said:…

  • What do we actually estimate?

    — Bringing the process to the next level, part II So at the daily scrum, the day after, the team felt they had energized a lot during the workstop guestimating. Their finest…

  • Agile workshop Liberating Structures

    March 10, we’ve organised a new workshop. The topic: Liberating Structures. Emiel and me kicked off using 1,2,4,all and TRIZ how to facilitate conversations using Liberating Structures. Using TRIZ, we’ve asked each…

  • Upcoming events

    Upcoming events where I will be facilitating

  • Our next workshop will be March 10th

    Topic: facilitating structural changes Location Purmerend. Martijn, hopefully accompanied by Jasper, will facilitate a great part of this workshop. Their focus: Liberating Structures. Emiel and me will host the second part. The contents…

  • Workshop – facilitating structural changes

    Next workshop needs a date

  • Craftmanship workshop

    This workshop had as goal to validate needs for our new product Craftmanship Workshops.

  • Craftmanship Workshops

    January 9th Emiel and me will explore the needs and the contents of a new series craftmanship workshops.