New coaching assignment

Can you have a look outside in, to improve the team

In order to help a team to improve & excel I’ve been asked for assistance. To get a 360o-overview of the opportunies & pains, I started interviewing the team, scrum master, product owner & architect. While in the midst of this process, the suggested approach wil be:

Grouping in themes
  • Interview the team members, PO, SM and architect.
  • Group the outcome in themes.
  • Explore options as how the team is seeing this.
  • Check-in & validate with the team what they prefer to do first, next & so on.
  • This results is an improvement backlog. The team takes ownership of the backlock, facilitated by the scrum master.
  • Following the backlog, it need to be refined and executed.
  • In between – visit scrum ceremonies to experience the vibes.

We will start with this right after the holiday season.

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