Intake with an existing customer

An existing customer on their agile journey.

Last year I’ve helped them to organize their teams. This turned out to be pretty succesful and on they went on the journey.

One year later I got a call. Hé Guy, can you help us out, please? The teams are OK and doing great but can you share us your thoughts how to cooperate with stakeholders and management at the product owner level and above.

So I joined the MT-meeting to listen how they are doing. What is really going on? They had a lot of questions, I shared my ideas & experiences and we agreed to guide them forwards (or up?) to the next destination on their agile journey.

Whatever their next destination will be… That is the fun part of being agile. You know where you want to go, but the journey is an adventure. Sometimes a bumpy road.

So we have some long(er) term goals. Next step is to get actionable goals and start doing it.

While in the meeting some ideas to pop-up:

  • have a chat with the scrum masters and check what they might need? 
  • have a chat with the stakeholders. What are the their needs?
  • facilitate to improve the visibility of the roadmap, so it has a better transparancy to everyone who is interested.

Keep you posted.

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