About Me


Guy Lagrand

CSP-SM / CSP-PO / AgilePM-trainer (certified)

The agile journey started way back in 2007, employed at Parkmobile. The CTO said  literally: “Our traditional project management does not work anymore, with all those changing requirements. Let’s do Agile with Scrum. You, fix it!”

That said, I enrolled for a scrum master training. By coincidence this was hosted by Jeff Sutherland. He brainwashed me from not possible to I should have done this way earlier.

After a couple of years, when Parkmobile was up & running and mature enough to continue their agile journey, I decided to follow my heart. I started as freelancer in 2013, helping companies succeed in their transformation to agile.

Next to being a ‘scrum consultant’ I also enjoy helping others to understand scrum. Via an agency I host agile-, scrum- & AgilePM training.

Noticing that the skills you need to pass an exam are not the skills you need in real life, I started to facilitate ‘craftmanship’-workshops to polish the skills everybody needs in the field. One day hands-on workshops to actually learn the skills in a save environment.

To keep my body and mind in shape I do a lot of running (3 marathons), cycling & I enjoy photography while hiking in the nature.