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  • How cool is this?

    Translated: … the title biggest “scrummist” in Holland…. note: there are many, many more….

  • Upcoming events

    Upcoming events where I will be facilitating

  • New assignment

    Finally I can tell. While the ink is still wet. I’m proud to tell that I will join Glencore Agriculture BV, in the roll as scrum master starting Monday, February 10. Will keep you posted on the learnings.

  • Quote

    “The SCRUM master has a very specific role. He or she is not really a manager as such. Instead, the SCRUM Master watches how the team is working and identifies how to make everything go faster.” ― Jeff Sutherland

  • An AgilePM-foundation training

    Hosted by GlobalProjectPerformance, SIA-Partners emerged in an ‘in company’ AgilePM-foundation training. Based on the Liberating Structures, as an experiment, the format of the facilitation had been changed. For each topic the participants formed a group of two, three or four. I asked the groups to do an in dept research, using the book and binder about…

  • AgilePM – Practitioner

    Via GlobalProjectPerformance I’ve hosted an AgilePM Practitioner training. This session was a private one, only one trainee. So a lot of 1-1 insights and advise to share. Apart from the regular sheets, strong emphasis has been applied on how to plan using the MoSCoW-prioritization. Especially in a multi project environment. Also helped to understand the…

  • Our next workshop will be March 10th

    Topic: facilitating structural changes Location Purmerend. Martijn, hopefully accompanied by Jasper, will facilitate a great part of this workshop. Their focus: Liberating Structures. Emiel and me will host the second part. The contents needs to be decided. Read: we need to prepare it. Keep you posted. When interested, please drop me a line, currently we have…

  • Intake with an existing customer

    An existing customer on their agile journey. Last year I’ve helped them to organize their teams. This turned out to be pretty succesful and on they went on the journey. One year later I got a call. Hé Guy, can you help us out, please? The teams are OK and doing great but can you…

  • Speaker @ Tweakers Developers Summit

    Tweakers has asked me to speak at their Dev. Summit