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  • Starting today: Blog will be posted via twitter

    I can’t find time to update the blog on a regularly basis, so I will do a daily update on twitter. Hopefully this will work out for me (and you)

  • Just watched…

    Empiricism is an Essential Element of Scrum

  • Agile workshop Liberating Structures

    March 10, we’ve organised a new workshop. The topic: Liberating Structures. Emiel and me kicked off using 1,2,4,all and TRIZ how to facilitate conversations using Liberating Structures. Using TRIZ, we’ve asked each other : HOW CAN YOU AS <ROLE> FAIL AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE As outcome we made a list with all our destructive ideas.…

  • Upcoming events

    Upcoming events where I will be facilitating

  • Need a Lean Green Belt training?

    Always wanted to attend a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training? Never got a change? Don’t look further and read this flyer and join us. only a few sppots left. So don’t wait any longer and save your spot. (flyer is in Dutch)

  • Now reading

    The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures Simple Rules to Unleash a Culture of Innovation (Black and White Version)

  • Talk @Tweakers Developers Summit

    So what will you do as the very last speaker in the ‘something different track’ on the Tweakers Developers Summit? The energy is low, dinner is almost served, beer is served cold, the crowd is tired…. Liberaring Structures saved the day. Crafting some powerful questions and let’s go. No powerpoint attached. Around forty attendees joined…

  • How cool is this?

    Translated: … the title biggest “scrummist” in Holland…. note: there are many, many more….

  • New assignment

    Finally I can tell. While the ink is still wet. I’m proud to tell that I will join Glencore Agriculture BV, in the roll as scrum master starting Monday, February 10. Will keep you posted on the learnings.

  • Quote

    “The SCRUM master has a very specific role. He or she is not really a manager as such. Instead, the SCRUM Master watches how the team is working and identifies how to make everything go faster.” ― Jeff Sutherland